December 2022

Registering your wedding business

Once you’ve decided on the name (hooray!), you’ll need to register it.  Because I work with clients in the US and in Canada, I’m going to do my best to break this down by country.  Disclaimer! Your requirements may differ from state to state and province to province.  I highly recommend you research the rules […]

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Name your business

This sounds a lot easier than it is.  This is a BIG decision, and you should give yourself lots of time to brainstorm and research.  Grab your notebook, and jot down every name that comes to you – the good and the bad.  You never know – you may hate it today, but you may love

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Develop your launch budget

What? We’re going to talk money already? You bet.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT step, and it’s the one that is often skipped.  Big mistake. Huge.  Listen, you may not want to think about money, but guess what? You’re about to be a business owner, and money is a huge part of that, so you’d

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