Podcast Shownotes

Leigh emphasizes that whether you are new in the industry or a seasoned pro, each episode of Wedpreneur Podcast is filled with valuable information aimed at helping you build and grow your  sustainable and profitable wedding business. The podcast releases new episodes every Thursday, and all previous episodes by founder Mary Swaffield are available to listen to.

00:00 – 01:00 : In this episode of the Wedpreneur podcast, host Leigh Rivero introduces herself as the new host of the show.


01:01- 02:06: (Who is Leigh Rivero and how did she get here?)


02:07 – 02:34 : What is she doing currently?


02:35 – 03:26: First encounter with Wedpreneur


03:27 – 04:09 : Experiences during the pandemic


04:45 -05:17 : What’s up with Wedpreneur now?


05:18 – 06:03: What’s the difference between working in and working on your business?


06:04 – 07:06 : Why is there a high risk of failure for some in wedding business management?


07:52 – End : How to get a personalized strategy session with just one click