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Starting a business

So, you’ve decided you want to start a business in the wedding industry. First of all – welcome! This industry is absolutely amazing, and trust me, you’re in for a crazy ride! I love this industry with all of heart, and the rewards are absolutely incredible… but it’s not for the faint at heart. I’m going to be straight with you here – because I think you deserve it: most wedding businesses fail in the first three years. In fact, I would say a good percentage don’t make it past one wedding season.
I don’t want to discourage you – at all! What I want to do is help you start your wedding business on the right foot, and avoid making the mistakes that so many new wedding business owners make.


  • Let’s be honest here – most of us don’t have a lot of experience in business when we start. Most likely, you’re doing this because you’ve fallen in love with an aspect of the industry – flowers, stationery, photography, decor, design, planning… and hopefully, you’ve discovered that you have some skills that will lend itself to your eventual success.
  • This is an industry of entrepreneurs (hence, Wedpreneurs!). The vast majority of us are business owners – but very few of us know anything about running a business when we start out.
  • …..Which is why I started The Wedpreneur.
  • In this post Launching Your Wedding Business, Part 1 – and the next post, Part 2 – I’m going to be sharing with you some of the steps you NEED to take in order to run a successful wedding business.

Name your business

This sounds a lot easier than it is.  This is a BIG decision, and you should give yourself lots of time to brainstorm and research.

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Develop your launch budget

What? We’re going to talk money already? You bet.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT step, and it’s the one that is often skipped.  Big mistake.

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